Our Vision

Design a sustainable future, inspired by energy and nature that represents our cultural values.

at roch ARCHITECRTURE inc. we believe that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We agree with the premise that everything is energy.  The very nature of manipulating, interacting, and perceiving energy of this world also carry the responsibility to ensure that design raises our vibration.

Ivan Desroches, CEO


6 reasons for working with us

We are trained and skilled in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sound spaces that meet the unique needs of clients. Here are a few other

By working with us, you can have the confidence that your project is designed to the highest quality standards and that your investment is being protected. Additionally, if any issues or challenges arise during construction, we provide solutions to effectively keep the momentum moving forward. 

To learn more about other benefits of working with a licensed architect, please visit the Ontario Association of Architects

Geographical Area Served

Our firm has a Certificate Of Practice and caries professional liability insurance as mandated by the provincial association. We offer professional architectural services to the public in the National Capital Region and the surrounding areas anywhere in the province of Ontario.  Alternatively, if we have the opportunity to work on projects located in other provinces, joint ventures can be attained through a network of firms.