At roch ARCHITECTURE inc., we're passionate about creating innovative, sustainable designs that honor the land and reflect the values of our clients. Founded in 2022 by Ivan Desroches, on the cusp of an endemic, our firm proves to be agile by pivoting its business model to embrace the notion of remote working. We found that the traditional brick & mortar offices would limit our reach therefore we made a conscious decision to offer full architectural service virtually with the hope to transfer this saving onto our clients. Our firm continues to grow to serve not only the needs of the local community but society at large. We are continuously expanding our network and our expertise, undertaking collaborations with other firms, and developing innovative approaches to design. By working closely with passionate group of local designers, engineers, and project managers, we bring our clients' visions to life. As our reputation grows, we will embrace the opportunity to take on larger and more complex projects.

Studio Culture

  • We are committed to working in a virtual studio environment which encourages free expression with the added benefit of a great work life balance.  We found that contrary to popular beliefs, working remotely actually increases efficiency and production output as is empowers workers to be in full control of their surroundings.
  • The high level of teamwork in association with our studio, promotes creativity in new ways that strive for the exploration of new innovative and unique solutions.
  • With proven technology, we can effectively collaborate with clients, consultants, authorities, and contractors from virtually anywhere.

Design Philosophy

At roch ARCHITECTURE inc., we believe that great design is about more than just aesthetics, much more than creating spaces that are functional, sustainable, and inspiring. It is about creatively manipulating our surrounding energies that contributes to our sensory experience of joyful delight. We also believe that architecture is a cultural practice that is committed to listening closely to clients and the communities to incorporate their perspectives and values into the design. We collaborate closely with our clients to develop designs that meets their goals and hopefully exceeds their expectations.

To experience architecture is to feed our soul as it inspires, uplifts and invokes within us a joyful emotional response.

Ivan Desroches

Mission Statement

Practice architecture in such a way that it provides exceptional service to the public and a deep respect for all living things.


  • Understand the needs of clients and protect the public’s interest.
  • Inspire sensory experience to augment joy and delight.
  • Improve the built environment to benefit humanity’s wellbeing.
  • Honor the spiritual energy and vibration of this world.
  • Design excellence with curiosity, honesty, and integrity.

Guiding Principles

  • Sustainability and stewardship of the environment: We prioritize sustainable practices and a deep connection to the natural environment.  We strive to design buildings that are in harmony with the surrounding landscape and to minimize impact on the ecosystem.
  • Cultural continuity and preservation: We reflect on the client’s cultural values and traditions and seeks to maintain and promote these traditions through the design of buildings and spaces. This can include using materials and construction techniques or incorporating cultural motifs into the design.
  • Community and social values: We design with community and social values in mind.  Our designs are meant to encourage communal gathering, or to promote social cohesion and connection within the community.
  • Holistic and interconnected design: We strive to incorporate a holistic approach to design, considering the interconnectedness of all aspects of the building and its environment.  This includes considerations of spiritual, cultural, and social needs of the community.
  • Respect for the land and all living beings:  Our design approach strives to reflect a deep respect for the natural world and all living beings. This is expressed with sustainable materials, the incorporation of natural elements into the design, and a general reverence for the environment.


We are committed to deepen our ability to work in partnership with Indigenous communities, develop designs that respect sovereignty and cultural heritage. Looking ahead, we're excited about the possibilities for growth and innovation in the architectural industry. We're constantly seeking out new projects and partnerships that challenge us to think creatively and push the boundaries of what's possible.